Indian + Irish electronica = world music dance party

"Some bands form with a deliberate plan: KISS, if Gene Simmons is to be believed (and that is a very open question), practically drew a map for itself.

Other bands just coalesce from circumstance and decide to stay together. The latter way seems to be how Delhi 2 Dublin eventually came to be. The group, which played last year at Alverno College's Global Union music festival, appears Saturday at Club Garibaldi.

The genesis of the band was in 2006, when Tarun Nayar, a Vancouver-based producer and DJ, was recruited to do a show at a Celtic festival. It was an odd fit: His background was in Indian, not Irish, electronica.

Nevertheless, he called in a few musicians he knew, wrote a few tracks, and all of them performed at the festival. Nothing more was expected to come of it.

'It took off from there,' said lead singer Sanjay Seran during a recent phone interview. 'We started to get booked off this, and about a year later, we were sitting at a major festival and we had sold out our EP in, like, two minutes, and we thought we should consider ourselves a band now.'"


jane said…
nice blog post :)
i am great fan of music, and i found this video online
do let me know what you think about it :)

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